Thomas D. Grant

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Admission to the United Nations: Charter Article 4 and the Rise of Universal Organization


The United Nations began as an alliance during World War II. Eventually, however, the UN came to approximate a universal organization—i.e., open to and aspiring to include all States. This presents a legal question, for Article 4 of the Charter contains substantive criteria to limit admission of States to the UN and no formal amendment has touched that part of the Charter. This book gives an up-to-date account of admission to the UN, from the 1950s 'logjam' through on-going controversies like Kosovo and Taiwan. With reference to Charter law, the book considers how Article 4 came to accommodate universality and what the future of a universal organization in a world of politically diverse States might be.
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“Grant's craftsmanship is undeniable. This is a well-nigh brilliant study, based on extensive and careful research, of an under-analyzed phenomenon… [T]his is classic international legal scholarship at its best.” Jan Klabbers, University of Helsinki / New York University, vol. 7 International Organizations Law Review (2010), 227–230.
“… a valuable account of the practice... livening up old controversies in order better to understand new ones.” Anne-Laurence Brugère, University of Geneva, vol. 21 European Journal of International Law (2010) 791–792.


Author: Thomas D. Grant
Publisher: Brill / Martinus Nijhoff, Legal Aspects of International Organization
Date: May 2009
334 pages
ISBN:978 90 04 17363 7
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